Pitbulls in pajamas in Orlando


They are ready to do whatever it takes to demonstrate that pit bulls are not those aggressive animals that most of people think. That is the reason a group of pit bull owners dressed their dogs in pajamas and joined the Florida Citrus Parade, in Orlando.

Published originally in Bee Original Media


According to Sarah Schmidt, director of the Pittie Party of Central Florida, this is not the last time pit bulls will join a parade.

“We are here to show that these are great dogs, they smart, they’re funny, they are wonderful family dogs, and we want to promote responsible dog ownership.”
– Header Hendersen, director of the Pittie Party of Central Florida

After covering this parade, we’d like to share 5 tips to film an event of this kind: a parade of dogs (or other animals).

  1. BE PREPARED. Animals are unpredictable. Before the parade, look for information about the breed or kind of animal that you will be covering. Contact the organizer to make sure that you have their approval, and are able to film without any problems. If possible, try to get the all the staging information. Obviously, make sure that all the equipment you intend to use is ready.
  2. MINGLE WITH THE ANIMALS AND OWNERS BEFORE THE EVENT. Arrive early to the event and mingle with the animals and their owners. See how they react to the camera. If you have to do some interviews, this will be a good time to start (it is also a nice ice breaker, and you will be always able to do more interviews at the end of the parade).
  3. BE PATIENT AND CAPTURE AS MANY TAKES AS YOU CAN. As we said before, animals are unpredictable so, the more you film, the best chances you have to shoot great and genuine footage. You will have to move a lot. When you find a good spot, prepare your camera on a tripod, look for a good shot, focus, make sure your camera is leveled, and film. Wait for the action to happen. In this type of events you’d want to film everything that happens. Therefore, we suggest that you change spots/shots, and repeat as many times as you can.
  4. ALTERNATE YOUR SHOTS. It’s very important that you alternate your shots between wide shots, medium shots, and close ups. If the subject is still, try to do the three shots with the same subject.
  5. PAY ATTENTION TO THE AUDIO. Remember that sound is one of the most important things in video. If you have great images but no sound, the footage is useless. Make sure you are capturing good quality audio and are not recording any unwanted ‘noises’.

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